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So you're curious...

How It Works

(It's pretty awesome!)


What is STLBQ?

Students (and families) from different churches and denominations, who love to memorize God's word, and apply it to their lives, compete in exciting tournaments, and fellowship together!


How does it work?

Students will memorize portions of the new testament and compete in tournaments, both as a team and as individuals. There are several regional tournaments and one big National tournament every spring, attended by over 500 students and represented by over 40 teams from all over the United States!

How do they compete?

Students sit on electronic pads and "jump" when they have an answer. The competition is monitored by a Quizmaster on a computer screen. It is fast, challenging, and fun!


Who can compete?

Students ages 8-19, from homeschooled, private, or public schools. 

Parents and siblings are always strongly encouraged to volunteer and help out. If you have questions, head to the contact us page.

When is it?

Practices in the fall are once a month (one Saturday afternoon) and one weeknight (optional). In the Spring, there are extra practices and competitions, including regionals in Iowa and Kansas City. 

Parents and siblings are always welcome to attend practices and/or travel with the team. 


Where is it?

Liberty Church

709 Crestview Drive

O'Fallon, MO 63366

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