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St. Louis Bible Quizzing is proud to mentor, teach, and raise the next generation in God's word. Our quizzers stand out among their peers, learning great study habits, proving their dedication, and truly loving and supporting each other through it all!"

2nd Place in Nationals!

Astonished took 2nd place out of 40+ teams at the Nationals Conference in 2023!


The new team


Our younger "up-and-coming" team COURAGEOUS is preparing for nationals!


4th Place at Regionals!

Astonished took 4th place in 2024 at Midland Regionals!


The "Collective" Begins!

A combined junior varsity team will compete at nationals this year!


Individual Recognition!

Several team members have been in the top 10 nationally, receiving medals, trophies, and even scholarship money!"


Astonished is ready!

Astonished is headed back to Nationals in 2024 at Winsconsin Dells!

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