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Sandy Sanders

Coaching & Quizzing Development

“Miss Sandy” (as the kids know her) Is literally a St. Louis Bible quiz icon… Having been involved with Bible Quizzing for over 30 years, coaching teams since 1994, and winning MULTIPLE national titles during that time!

Sandy has a passion for watching children and teens love God and memorize His word. She not only helps coach veteran quizzers and oversees new quizzers, but she spends individual coaching time with students, teaching them great memorization techniques, and helping them practice their skills. What an invaluable resource!

Sandy has been married to Steve for 43 years. They have 10 children (many of whom have quizzed for years) and 15 grandchildren!

Sandy graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a degree in Church Recreation. She currently serves on the worship team at Liberty Church; she previously led both the children’s choir and the Handbell choirs (for 35 years) before stepping down to serve in other areas. 

Quizzers (and all those who know her) will tell you that Miss Sandy is not only kind, passionate, and dedicated, but that she and her husband Steve’s Godly influence on the youth and teens in the St. Louis area has been tremendous  — and we are all so very grateful!

(636) 699-9115

Sandy Sanders
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